Stuart Keith / Nace CIP Level 1 Independent Coatings Inspector

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Independent Coatings Inspector

Nace CIP Level 1 Coatings Inpection

This is me on the right working on contract with the Shell Mars -B pipline project inspection team in the Gulf of Mexico on the Allsea Audacia
This project I worked as a client coatings inspector covering the applications of.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE),

Chemically Modified Polypropylenes (CMPP),

Inferred   Molded Polypropylene (IMPP)

Polyurethane Foam (PUF)

                CV Stuart Keith

Coatings Inspector / Pipeline Field Joint Coatings / Coatings Project Mgr. / Senior Technician & Coatings Trainer / Experienced Offshore Construction Worker


CV  Updated  03/25/2013

Permanent Address

Stuart Wesley Keith

11119 Burdine St.

Houston, Tx. 77096

# 713-636-5652

Current Address

Stuart Wesley Keith

Komplek Happy Greentown # B-12


Batam, Indonesia

Cell # +62-81275680662

Business # +62-778453944


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Currently available as of February 25 2013


Dec 8 2012 to Feb 25 Coatings Inspector for Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.

Pipeline Field Joint Inspection for

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE),

Chemically Modified Polypropylenes (CMPP),

Inferred   Molded Polypropylene (IMPP)

Polyurethane Foam (PUF)


1997 to February 2012 employed by Offshore Joint Services, Houston, Texas.

In June of 2006 O.J.S. relocated me to Batam Indonesia where I still live today.

Responsibilities included but not limited to inland and offshore field experience as coatings supervisor, operations technician, Projects manager.

During the 14 year duration of my employment with Offshore Joint Services I have successively completed over 60 offshore pipeline coatings contracts assigned to me with minimal downtime lees than 5 hours.



 DPR’s, tracking of payroll information for technicians involved as well as Overseeing and training of third party personnel in the operation and application of either one of the following.


Canusa GTS-PP HSS &

Raychem  PP HSS,

These products are a heat shrink sleeve coating that I have applied over 5000 pieces mainly on pipeline field joint coatings.

Densiflex IMPU

Densiflex is a two part flexible SPU that is applied on specialty items such as valves & offshore field joint coatings

I have applied over 1000 pipeline field joints with this product.

Heat activated Epoxy Primers, 

Heat activated epoxies primers are used for pipeline coatings. I have used this product on over 5000 field joint coatings

Using pipeline induction heat as the curing agent


Fusion bonded epoxies are a powder based coating applied to a substrate after using induction heat

I have coated over 10,000 pipeline field joint offshore with this product.

My experience with this material is technical supervision, equipment maintenance on automatic pipeline powder coating equipment, maintenance on inverters that run the induction heat, maintenance on heat induction coils.


High Density Polyurethane Foam

This product I have coated over 150,000 pipeline field joints offshore.

The purpose of this coating is to protect the paint coating within the annulus of the field joint that has concrete weight coating for subsea pipeline construction as well as being used in thermal insulation on other applications offshore.

Sea Sleeve with HDPF,

Seasleeve was developed in 2000 to eliminate the handling and use of sheet metal as an expendable mold that contains

The reaction of HDPF once injected. These poly ethylene sheets were developed by Offshore Joint Services and I have applied over 150,000 sheets to field joint coatings for subsea pipeline construction.

Power Crete,

Powercrete is a very durable pipeline and substrate coating developed around 1999.

My experience with this coatings system is technical and maintenance with application of the two part epoxy coating in the field.

Serviwrap Cold Coatings,

Cold coatings are used for pipeline coatings. These coatings come in rolls that vary in sizes and only require a pre-heat of the substrate prior to application. I have coated over 50,000 field joints with this material.

SPU- Solid Polyrethane,

Solid Polyurethane is a two part system much like HDPF with any expansion of the product.

This product is used for anode tapers, pipeline field joint coatings, valves, risers. I have coated over 2000 field joints with this product.

Steel Grit Blasting,

Steel grit blasting I have used mainly for pipeline field joint coatings, My experience with this product is safe storage, maintenance with blast grit pots and recovery technical expertise.

I have blasted over 10,000 field joints to near white metal

Pipeline Induction Heat

My experience with induction heat is mainly with the application of Fusion Bonded Epoxies & Primers.

Duties were maintenance with inverters and heat rings, Technical


Some Projects worked on from 1997 thru 2013

Shell Mars-B Pipline Project Gulf of Mexico 2013

PRP II, Mumbai, India 2010, Leighton Offshore contractors

PRP I, Mumbai, India 2009, Leighton Offshore Contractors

Kumang Pipeline Project, Malaysia 2009, TLO

MHSRP, Mumbai, India 2008 / 2009, Global Offshore Contractors

PC$ Gas Development Project 2008, TLO

Alkafji Gas Development Project, Sarja, AUE..  2008, Global Offshore Contractors

Bokar Phase II, Malaysia, 2008, TLO

Exxon Hoops pipeline project Gulf of Mexico 1999

Gulf Stream pipeline project  Gulf of Mexico 2000/2001

Shell Garden Banks 30” pipeline Project. Gulf of Mexico 1998

Shell Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline Project Gulf of Mexico 1997



 Training And Documentation


Nace Coatings Inspector CIP Level 1 Cert # 23268 Exp. June 1st 2012.: “Recertified May 28th 2012 expires June 1st 2015”

Coatings Specification, Coatings And Curing Mechanisms,  Documentation (Records And Reports), Pre-job Conference, Conflict And decision Making, Ethics For Coatings Inspectors, Surface Preparation, Conventional Air And Airless Spray Equipment And Techniques, Test Equipment, Coatings Technology.


Nace  Advanced Coatings Inspection:  attended course June 10th –June 16th 2012

Centrifugal Blast Cleaning, Water-jetting, Interpersonal Dynamics In The Workplace, Safety Awareness, Advanced Non Destructive Testing, Linings And Special Coatings, Thick Barrier Linings, Advanced Standards And Resources, Concrete Coatings Inspection, Concrete Coatings Inspection Test Instruments, Pipeline Coatings, Destructive Test Instruments, Surface Preparation, Coatings And Inspection Of Special Substrates, Maintenance Coatings Operations, Non Liquid Coatings – Galvanizing



Opito Olf & Nogepa Safety and Sea Survival with Helicopter underwater Escape Training expires in June 21 2013


Expires 12/21/2017


Offshore Physical expires December 2015

Safe Gulf Rig Pass card

Offshore safety training expires 2015